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If you are in Rastatt, you should visit the casemates. The casemates were a fortified gun emplacement. It’s very interesting and fascinating to be in such a building which is this deep under the ground. Most people who came to visit them were a little bit afraid of the casemates at the beginning because the visitors had doubts about the stability of the casemates because the casemates are so old. But after some time their doubts were gone and after their tour was finished the people wanted to visit the casemates again!

Casemates were in the forts and were placed either under the ground, in the walls or in secure buildings. When in 1849 Prussian troops fired on the fort of Rastatt, the inhabitants fled into these secure places. After the capitulation the partisans were imprisoned in the small chambers. Light only came into the chambers from the small embrasures.

You can walk through a part of the casemates. There is a short route in which the ceiling is only 1,50 meters high. You can choose to walk this short route if you want to or to take the normal way. If you choose the route with the low ceiling you’ll have to stoop to go there.

I think that’s a special experience and if you’re in Rastatt you should visit the casemates. It’s very interesting to see such a building. The casemates are old and a little bit rotten, but still interesting. In my opinion a visit to the casemates is recommendable for all of you who are interested in old buildings or war buildings.

Kasematten Rastatt

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