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You spend your time in Rastatt. A normal city you say? But do you know that Rastatt is a baroque town with an amazing history? Yes, and you can find it out in our town museum.

The museum was founded in the year 1895. Because it had been existing for a long time, the museum was reformed in May 2004. There all of the town’s history – from the foundation of Rastatt up to today – is exhibited. If you choose to visit it, you can walk through the museum in which the history is ordered chronologically alone or you register with others for a group tour. Next to the museum is the so called “Kantorenhaus”. In this house a documentation of Jewish history of Rastatt is shown. If you’re there, take a look inside because it could be interesting!

Stadtmuseum Rastatt

Im Vogelschen Haus
Herrenstraße 11
76437 Rastatt
phone: +49 (7222) 972-8400
fax: +49 (7222) 972-8499

Pictures: © Stadt Rastatt