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Hotels - Where to stay at night?

You've spent an interesting but hard day with sightseeing tours and shopping trips in and around Rastatt? Now you're tired and don't want to search or pay too much for a hotel? In the following text you'll find some nice and central places where you can spend the night in a comfortable and not too expensive way.

Hotel am Kulturplatz Hotel am
Best Western Hotel
Hotel Da Franco Hotel
Da Franco
Hotel Engel

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You want to travel around but you don’t have much money? Now you wonder where to stay without getting poor?
A special tip is This is a website on which you can find people in a city who offer you a place to sleep for free or who’ll be happy to show you the city. This is a possibility to get to know new people, new culture, a new way of living and cooking. In this way you can learn so much about the city, the country, the people and the traditions. And you can make friends. You have to registrate and make your own account. Then you can search for people in Rastatt who would be willing to show you the city or offer you a place to sleep for free.