Youth Guide Rastatt

Fun in Rastatt

Dear guys,

do you want to have a lot of fun in Rastatt or do you want to have an unforgettable experience ? Then look at our part of this youth guide, because we have listed the best activities only for you.

Rastatt has a lot of possibilities to have fun for people every age. No matter if itís summer or winter, Rastatt will be really worth a visit. For example you can go shopping in a lot of shops in Rastatt or you can go swimming in one of the great pools of Rastatt, so youíll never be bored in this beautiful town.

We hope you can find an interesting activity for you and enjoy your visit in our baroque town.

So have a nice holiday !!!

BlaueKatz Bowling Glider
Glider over Rastatt
Swimming Swimming
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Sport at the gym
Shopping Shopping "Schneider" Highlight Schneider
Orsay Orsay

Highlight Highlight

Our highlight is the shopping centre "Schlossgalerie Rastatt", which will open 2012.
This shopping mall will be expected with a big blitheness, because there you have the choice between a lot of shops. For example they have there the HM, which is very famous. In the HM Shop you can buy clothes, which are very modern and popular. You can compare this mall with the "Ettlinger Tor" in Karlsruhe.
A lot of teenagers will come to this shopping centre and so you must come, too.