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Hopfenschlingel is a classical German restaurant where you can eat pork cutlets with french fries and drink beer. The restaurant has a private brewery, so they make their own beer. The beer tastes very good, but in Germany you can only drink beer if you are at least sixteen years old.

Hopfenschlingel is a big old house which is in Militärstraße 2 in Rastatt. The menu in Hopfenschlingel is very simple. I can recommend it anyway: the food is not too expensive and in the survey Hopfenschlingel takes the first place because the food is great and you can eat outside.
This restaurant has a beer garden and it has a special place for smoking. You can eat very typically regional food, for example, pork cutlets with french fries, Flammkuchen (a French tarte which looks like pizza), etc. The restaurant is very popular in the town of Rastatt – probably also because of the different events taking place there, for example Mützenparty, where everyone hast to wear a hat.

Come here and enjoy yourselves!


Militärstraße 2
76437 Rastatt
phone: +49 (7222) 30099