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Burger King is a fast food restaurant where you can eat burgers and French fries. What's special about Burger King is that you can eat special burgers and onion rings. Burger King has a normal price, so it's a place everyone can go to. Burger King has W-LAN and it's in a gas station. The atmosphere is normal and the restaurant is very small. The opening times are from 11.00 am - 12.00 pm / 1.00 am.

Even though we all love Burger King, there are some things worth knowing.
Did you know:

  • In the past Burger King was accused of indirectly contributing to the destruction of the environment because the packaging used to lie in every street. Activists staged protests against this. Before the protests every burger was in a cardboard box. Afterwards some of the smaller burgers were wrapped in paper.

  • In the past Burger King was criticized by German activists because Burger King's payment to their employees was not good. So Burger King payed more money to their employees and everyone was happy.

Personal stars:

Burger King Rastatt

Karlsruher Straße 16
76437 Rastatt
phone: +49 (7222) 200797